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 Miley Sets The Record Straight!

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BeitragMiley Sets The Record Straight!

Wes Rahney and Alley of KISS 103.7 caught up with Miley, last night backstage in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a candid and enlightening interview.

Miley dished on everything from “the end of the world” when she deleted her twitter, how klutzy she can be from time to time and even her BFF Taylor Swift getting dissed by Kanye

On falling on stage: I’ve never actually been standing normally and fallen down, but I’ve been up in the air and fallen down. [If I fell down again], I’d probably do what I just did and blame someone else (laughs).”

On Kayne West taking away BFF Taylor Swift’s moment at the VMAs: “See, what he did was for press and if you give him the press it’s just giving him the satisfaction of what he did.”

On deleting her Twitter: “Oh my God, the world’s coming to an end! (jokingly laughs) I’m just over tweeting on what I was doing instead of actually doing it. Like you can being hanging out with your little sister, but you’re not really because you’re tweeting about hanging out with your little sister. I complained that I wanted my private life more private but I’m the one who is giving the world access to it.”

It’s defintely Miley being Miley, AWESOME! =)
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Miley Sets The Record Straight!

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