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 “Are You A Superstar” Contest Is Sizzlin’!!

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Beitrag“Are You A Superstar” Contest Is Sizzlin’!!

“Are You A Superstar” contest is heating up now that we are down to the top 6! There are surprises around every corner as the rounds intensify getting down to the finals!

Thousands of people submitted videos from all over the world in hopes that they would be the next superstar.
Previous rounds so far have had challenges such as Michael Jackson and Miley songs, the current round is a beatles song, stay tuned for the next challenge. The winner is going to truly deserve this after all their hard work!!

Once they win, the fun just begins!! This isn’t American Idol, it’s BETTER! The winner will receive a recording contract along with having Miley as their vocal coach for their album they will be working on!! The final 6 are now busting out all their best vocals, but they need your help. So make sure you check out or to vote!! (The votes will be tallied from the total of both sites.)

Check out the ARE YOU A SUPERSTAR page right here!!

It’s all up to the voters who will win so step up and let your voice be heard for who you like, whether it be Ciara, Emily, Kristen, Amy, Sabrina or Rylie !! VOTE!!

Check out the “Michael Jackson” Videos from the last round!
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“Are You A Superstar” Contest Is Sizzlin’!!

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